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Iphone 6s Silver 64 GB (Official warranty)

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Iphone 6S


3D Touch

The next-generation of multi-touch has launched, and it's indeed called 3D Touch, confirming all of the rumors in the lead up to Apple's press conference.

Apple executive Craig Federighi gave the first live demo of 3D Touch, and it works a lot like Force Touch on the Apple Watch or new MacBook trackpad.

It's like a "right click" for the iPhone 6S, and it results in a context sensitive pop-up window in front of translucent backgrounds every time you apply a little bit of pressure on the screen. In the Mail app, for example, you never really need to navigate away from the inbox to read or reply to your messages.

"Take action on apps without even having to open them," explained Federighi. From the home screen, he was able to make calls to favorites, view directions from an address given to him in iMessages and take "emergency selfies" right from the front facing camera, all without opening the usual app menus.

3D Touch is also going to change playing games on iPhone 6S going forward, with new developers taking advantage of the new multi-touch technology in their interactive apps. Since games are among the No. 1 apps in the Apple App Store, they may put 3D Touch to use the best.

New iPhone 6S camera

At long last, there's going to be a much-improved iPhone 6S camera, and Apple showed off the accurate skin tones and incredible depth of field possible. This is thanks to photos taken with the new 12MP camera sensor.

 Both new iPhones have the same focus pixels-filled sensor, but only the bigger iPhone 6S Plus has optical image stabilisation for photos and video again.

Videos are shot in 4K, with 8 million pixels via the rear camera. The front-facing camera will now be 5MP, and a TrueTone flash is simulated thanks to the Retina display that lights up the screen three times brighter than normal. This "Retina Flash" is ideal for lighting up darkened selfie environments.


Apple claims to have invented an "entirely new technology" with Live Photos, which are short bursts of moving pictures and sound. At first, it seemed ridiculous, as if it was claiming to have invented video or high-resolution GIFs.

But Live Photos are automatically turned on for the iSight camera, capturing 1.5 seconds before and 1.5 second after you press the shutter button. Pressing down on the 3D Touch screen brings them to life, or even swiping through your photo gallery shows a little bit of movement for a really neat effect.

It's like Burst Photos, but put to better use. Don't worry, Apple says that Live Photos won't take up too much space. That's a wise move for anyone brave enough to buy the space-limited 16GB new iPhone.


Faster than ever

Apple claims that Wi-Fi is twice as fast when using the new iPhone 6S. That means the slowdown on your phone's connection at home and at work can properly be blamed on your ISP.More importantly, the iPhone 6S specs include the all-new A9 processor with with embedded M9 motion coprocessor. It's not as speedy as the iPad pro A9X chip, but it'll be plenty fast for a new phone.


Apple's System-on-a-Chip is snappier than ever, with a CPU that's 70% faster than the iPhone 6, and the GPU sees on 90% performance boost. The co-processor has better activity tracking and it enables you to issue "Hey Siri" commands at any time. Previously, your iPhone had to be plugged in to take advantage of this always-listening virtual assistant mode.

The iPhone 6S is confirmed to have 2GB of RAM. It's a key spec that translates into letting you have more apps and tasks open at once. Since the iPhone 5, we've been dealing with just 1GB of RAM.

Apple only likes to go so deeply into its iPhone specs, or maybe it's that the new phone might look bad on paper next to 4GB Android handsets. Either way, it's a much-needed upgrade.

Battery life

Like the iPhone 6S price and the overall look, there's no difference in the "all-day" battery life for the new 4.7-inch phone, according to Apple at least. It has the same 14 hours of talk time and 11 hours of continuous HD video playback.

That doesn't mean the battery capacity is the same size, however. Those are two different specs, the iPhone 6S battery is 1,715mAh instead of last year's 1,810mAh.

How does it maintain the same charge duration without the same battery size? Hardware changes, and also iOS 9 software tweaks are extending battery life across the board for iPhones

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